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To join the Start-It Challenge, you can submit their own ideas or also solve the challenges that our Sponsors have presented- challenges that they are counting on you to solve!

You can submit as many ideas & solutions as you like. CLICK HERE to submit your challenges.

Their challenges are as follows:

SUNWAY GROUP (3 Challenges)

Challenge 1

Driven by e-commerce growth, there has been an introduction of a new type of last mile delivery and collection points – automated parcel lockers. Parcel lockers are physical lockers that are placed in strategic spots in retail outlets, universities, offices and residential areas. There are also virtual lockers in existence, such as

As these infrastructure are being expanded to more locations, what kind of new business besides e-commerce can you build that could leverage on these new type of collection points? And how do you monetize that business?


Challenge 2

Technology is changing how we work and artificial intelligence is quickly replacing the job of humans. There is a risk that what you learn in university may be irrelevant in the near future and that your job may be replaced by technology after graduation.

What would you change in the education system and/or learning methodologies in order to cope with this change?


Challenge 3

What solutions would you create to increase the use of cryptocurrency among students?

DIGI (1 Challenge)

Many e-wallet players are coming into Malaysia (e.g. Alipay, Samsung Pay etc) and Digi is launching our own one in the country as well called vcash. We would like our brand, vcash, to be synonymous to mobile payments in Malaysia, like how people just say ‘Maggie’ for instant noodles. It should be a verb, where people say, ‘I vcash you la’.

All e-wallets have their value propositions and so do we. We do not think of ourselves as an e-wallet but rather as a mobile digital payments service. Whenever we demo vcash to people, they are usually impressed by our functionality, simplicity and speed. Some of our top features include:

  • Ability to pay for anything, anywhere by simply scanning a QR code
  • Ability to send and receive money from friends using just their phone number
  • Ability to top up the wallet either through your bank account using Jompay or via physical cash at a participating retailer
  • Ability to withdraw your vcash into physical cash through a participating retailer
  • Easy sign up process for merchants with very fast same day settlement

And many more features in the pipeline…

Challenge 1

How do we get maximum number of users to adopt vcash in the shortest possible time?

You can approach this challenge from any direction that you believe is the best way. For example:

  • You can focus on user adoption and/or merchant adoption
  • You can recommend new features, marketing strategy, customer acquisition strategy, campaigns, integrations, partnerships etc
  • Whatever you recommend, it has to address the core challenge of fastest possible growth in users

IMPIRO (2 Challenges)

Challenge 1

Twizo – Two Factor Authentication

Twizo is a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) system geared towards companies who have security and reliability as their primary concerns for their Cloud Communication requirements. Our product could expand into:

  • User Identification and Verification
  • SMS & Voice tokens
  • Voice Recognition
  • Fingerprint Scanning
  • App Authentication

How can we increase adoption of the Twizo 2FA services?


Challenge 2

Silverstreet – SMS Messaging

Our product portfolio permits the easy and efficient integration of mobile services, regardless of whether you are a small independent user or a multinational enterprise. This product could expand into:

  • One way and Two way communication
  • Web portal and API
  • Reservations / booking platform

How can we increase adoption of the Silverstreet SMS services?

LAZADA (1 Challenge)

We have rejected 366,000 job applications because they weren’t a good fit for the roles which they applied for.

Challenge 1

How do we attract more relevant candidates and less volume of applications?

We want you to view a career at Lazada as a “product” that has to be marketed and sold to a targeted group. You can devise any form of social media marketing strategy.


Challenge 1

How can financial institutions innovate using tools like Gamification / AR / Vr in one or more of the following:

  • Designing a product / service
  • Marketing a product / service
  • Driving adoption
  • Building loyalty/stickiness
  • Creating superior customer journeys
  • Training & Capability building


Challenge 2

Design a financial services provider that would appeal to you (Gen Z) and address  your needs:

  • What is the value proposition?
  • What kind of products/services would it offer?
  • How would it engage and interact with you?

AXIATA DIGITAL (1 Challenge)

Cash is inconvenient. Efforts to digitize payment have started from the government or private bodies.

Challenge 1

How to drive adoption of a digital wallet among students/youth between 17-25 years old to change their payment or spending habit from using physical cash to a digital wallet?

Identify the barriers of adoption & potential solutions to address those barriers.