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Submission deadline is 5th September 2017, Tuesday


The Start-It Challenge is a competition organised by Sunway iLabs (a not-for-profit under Sunway University) to challenge students from universities in Selangor to identify problems and create their own solutions or to solve problems faced by a select number of companies.

The three skillsets that we aim to instil in students from this challenge are:

Problem solving through design thinking
An understanding of business plans/ models
How to effectively communicate and pitch ideas

The top three winners will be awarded cash prizes and will receive an offer to join Sunway iLabs’ accelerator programme to further nurture the ideas. Other participants stand a chance to get an interview with a select number of companies for employment or an internship.

What is required to join the Start it Challenge?

  • An idea or a solution to a problem
  • Answer a few questions and submit the online form on the Sunway iLabs website

Who can participate?

  • All college and university students in Selangor
  • Alumni which have graduated within the last 3 years.


Top three winners will be offered to join Sunway iLab’s first accelerator


RM 5,000


RM 3,000

Second Runner-up

RM 1,000

Companies will announce names of candidates which they would like to interview for potential internship or employment opportunities from all Start-It Challenge submissions.

Submit Your Entry Now!

How many members does your team consist of?*

Start It Challenge

Startup / Group Name*

Problem / Challenge (explain the problem that you have identified OR one that was presented by our Sponsors) *Up to 200 words*

Solution (Explain how you intend to solve the problem)  *Up to 200 words*

Unique Selling Point (How does your solution differentiate from your competitors) *Up to 100 words*

Competitors* (List the existing competitors and their competing solutions)-Not compulsory if you are solving a problem that was presented by our Sponsors

Target Market (Who are your target customers and how big is your market)-Not compulsory if you are solving a problem that was presented by our Sponsors *Up to 100 words*